Jean Dark in Earth Pathways Diary 2017

Earth Pathways 2017

Earth Pathways 2017

Snow Moon Fire
By sunset the snowfall had smoothed out the meadow and in the strange lucid twilight I quickly found the fire basket. Once it was free of snow, and the fire laid, the paper and kindling caught quickly and brightly, flickering sudden orange shadows leaping across the snowy drifts piled up around the hedges. I watch as slowly the logs catch, smouldering then glowing through. The small vigorous fire flickering burnished light across the frozen swathes of firm ice-crusted snow. The hard granular surface of the snow, the result of a single sudden February snowstorm followed by daytime thawing and clear night time freezing, looks like sand, light crisp cold fragile sand. As the evening progresses we feed the fire with dry logs, which begins to melt the snow beneath the fire basket in a blackened oval-shape. The full moon rises above the rooftops and the snowdrifts beyond the fire’s orange-light circle are cast in aquamarine moonlight reflections, catching crystalline ice sparkles in sharp blueness. The full moon night is twinkling clear cold, colder than it’s been all winter and brighter than it’s been all month, glowing in harmony with our Imbolc fire.

Illustration – “Winter Trees” © Caroline Salter 2013

 Jean Dark
Earth Pathways Diary
9th January 2017


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3 comments on “Jean Dark in Earth Pathways Diary 2017

  1. Thats lovely Jean; it reminded me of those times when i used to run the fool moon rituals and gatherings in my garden, always outside whatever the weather, all of us around the fire.. 🙂

    • Jean Dark says:

      Thank you Janis, I did it for a year, a couple of years ago, and I really enjoyed it, it gave me a real feeling for the gentle, almost imperceptible, movements through wheel of the year. And I think weather transitions are definitely related to the full moon. I’d love to do it again, and now I have a reasonably sized garden I probably could – something to think about…

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