For Earth Pathways Diary

For a few years I have been delighted to have my articles included in the wonderful
Earth Pathways Diary.

Below are links to the full articles, each with further links to blog posts and comments.

Nightfall 2016
A gardener’s meditative vigil in the lull of the ochre dusk

Tranquillity at Dusk 2016
A winter haiku

Rainy Hearthfire 2015
Memories and reflections of Herfest witch-camps past

Acorns Gathered From Gog Magog Down 2015
A nature hoard gathered on a country walk

Vision of a Sacred Garden 2013
The vision of a green and magical place that came to me in a guided pathworking…

How to See Mistletoe 2012
Evergreen, white berried mistletoe is a plant of deep winter…

Picking Brambles 2011
We’ve all of us at sometime been told not to eat blackberries picked from the roadside…

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