Reiki Subversive Manual

The Reiki Subversive’s Manual – Karl Hernesson. 2002
(73 page self-published pamphlet. £2.50)

This bursting-at-the-seams little pamphlet is recommended for anyone who ever thought Reiki was only for the fluffy-bunny psychic-dolphins from-outer-space brigade. Karl Hernesson shows how Reiki is also a tool that can be used by Eco-Warriors, Peace-Activists & Protest-Pagans too, Reiki as spiritual Non-Violent Direct-Action, in fact.
The pamphlet’s cheery bright yellow ‘smiley face’ cover encases a 73 page treatise & DIY guide which is down to earth, informed, & shot through with valiant idealism & humour. This is Reiki with a big smile, an attuned crystal in one hand & bolt-croppers in the other.
The project’s agenda “…is to use Reiki against the meat-grinder, globalisation & the ‘new world order’, which represent money interests, greed & the continuing rape of the earth & its inhabitants, & to use it for the good of the earth & all life she supports…”.
Reiki can be used to counteract the ‘heavy’, stagnating energies generated by acts of barbarity & oppression. It can be channelled & directed into harmonising the energies not only of people, animals & plants, but also inanimate places & institutions. Karl suggests “The Houses of Parliament, Monsanto… animal testing labs”, amongst others, as being in particular need of Reiki healing. There is also a detailed report of his Reiki land-healing of a vandal-haunted shopping centre in Nottingham, providing ideas galore for the would-be “Spiritual Warrior”.
Karl is a pacifist and describes his techniques as “Reiki Self-Defence”, a spiritual response to the negativity generated by forces of authority. Heavy, negative energies are an expression of imbalance, a way, in fact, of “making a plea for a Reiki healing”. So, if you have Reiki and they need healing… “let ‘em have it”.
For example “If you are a protester who gets arrested, Reiki everything you can, them, the vehicle, the police station, the cell. If you can attune, attune them to Reiki, & everything & everywhere they take you & keep it flowing…violate their heaviness…eat their energies, cleanse & purify them…”
There has been talk of a book length version, published in association with Storme Constantine…. In the meantime, the pamphlet is still a fine introduction to the gentle art of Reiki Subversion.

Jean Dark
May 2005
printed in Dragonswood magazine
And Cambridge Pagan Circle

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