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 Articles Published

2010-2017 Earth Pathways Diary
(Annual diary of spiritual environmentalism)
Regular contributor of articles on folklore, wildlife and eco-paganism.
2009 -2014 Silver Wheel Journal
(Journal of the Pagan Tradition)
Regular contributor of articles on Tarot, pagan ritual and crafts.
2005-2007 Cambridge Pagan Circle
(Local Pagan magazine)
Regular contributor and book reviewer.
2004-2009 Dragonswood Magazine
(East Anglian Pagan)
Regular book reviewer and contributor reporting on Pagan conferences and camps throughout the UK.
2004 Northern Earth Mysteries Magazine
(UK Earth Mysteries Journal)
Bartlow Hills – a Geomantic overview of burial mounds at Bartlow, Cambridgeshire.
2004 The Free Pagan Press
(Small press pagan magazine)
Picking Brambles – the folklore of Blackberry foraging.
2000 Eastern Spirit
(East Midlands Pagan magazine)
Report from Labyrinth 2000 Conference in Saffron Walden.
1999 Pan’s People
(Local Leicester Pagan magazine)
Report from the Ananke Thelemic Conference at Conway Hall, London.

Published Book Reviewing

2010-2014 Pentacle Magazine.
(Quarterly UK Pagan)
Regular book review contributor.
2002 Third Stone Magazine
(Quarterly UK Earth Mysteries)
Review of Little Known Leicestershire and Rutland CDROM by Bob Trubshaw
1999 Grassroots Magazine –
(Leicester Environment Network)
Book review of The Modern Antiquarian by Julian Cope


Pixie-inc Publications
2004 – 2010 Libra Aries Catalogue
Contributor, book reviewer and co-editor.
2004 Lite Works
(A5 Pamphlet)
Collection of unpublished articles.
2001 Articulations 2
(A5 Pamphlet)
Collection of unpublished articles.
2000- 2012
(continually reprinted)
Domestic Bookbinding
(A5 pamphlet)
Book making in the home environment without specialist tools.
Little Thorn Bookshop Publishing Collective
2000 Thorn in the Side zine
(A4 quarterly).
Contributor and part of editorial team.

Online Publishing and Blogging

 2015 Redwood World Website  Sequoias Resurrected.
The  Dawn Redwood Trees in Cherry Hinton Hall
2013 Jean Dark and Her Writings  Personal blog to showcase my work
2000 Caerdroia (Labyrinthos) Website Report from Labyrinth 2000 Conference.

Jean Dark
May 2016